The “I’m Sorry I’m in Korea Without You” Giveaway —


So I am officially on my summer vacation travels for 2k14, and I’m headed to my homeland, Seoul, Korea on the 23rd of July. Obviously — albums and things are much cheaper to purchase here, which is why I’m excited to spend my savings on things for myself and also a couple of close friends I’m returning to the US with gifts for.

Therefore! I’ll be doing a giveaway of practically anything the winner asks for, as long as I can find it somewhere in a music shop in Seoul easily. T__T (Meaning hopefully the winner will pick out an album that was more recently put out.) You basically can ask for any album out by any band, or photobook if that’s what you would like. Just please don’t request for DVD sets or something ridiculously out of my price range…? Sniff.

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